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The 2018 OKPVRI Annual meeting and symposium takes place in OSU


The 2018 OKPVRI Annual Meeting and Symposium took place April 6 and 7 at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Haegel and Dr. McNatt were plenary speakers. The program also included six oral presentations by graduate students and sixteen poster presentations.

With over 54 attendees, the meeting allowed for fruitful collaborations among members of the institute and the in-person introduction of members. Sponsors of the meeting included the College of Arts and Sciences at OSU, the office of the Senior VP and Provost of OU, the office of the VPR at OU, the Physics Department at OSU, the NASA OK-EPSCoR Office, the Graduate College of OSU, the office of the VPR at OSU, and the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences of UT.

Read more about the event here.

Oklahoma Institute for Photovoltaic Research

Numerous discussions between colleagues at TU, OU and OSU contributed to the creation of this institute. The idea of a PV research institute at Oklahoma started in 2013 and evolved over a period of two years. A Meeting was held at Dr. Blais’ office (TU provost) in spring 2014 to discuss the creation of a new interdisciplinary, inter-university institute. The strong support from the Vice President for Research at OU and OSU’s Arts & Sciences Dean for Research in 2015 led to the formation of the interdisciplinary, inter-university Institute that started on 2016 July.


  • To design, model and fabricate new generation of cost-effective photovoltaic (PV) cells
  • To foster interdisciplinary research between faculty and students in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering disciplines in Oklahoma universities
  • To share PV research resources between Oklahoma's three major research universities
  • To collaborate on PV research for attracting funding from private, state and federal agencies
  • To promote PV technology in Oklahoma
  • To develop joint PV research projects between the three major research universities in Oklahoma

Why a PV research institute?

  • PV research is interdisciplinary research
  • PV research requires expertise in Physics, Chemistry, Materials, and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • We aim to develop, design, and fabricate cost-effective 3rd generation solar cells
  • 3rd generation solar cells are currently under development as the cheap alternative to silicon based solar cells