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The 2023 Oklahoma PV Institute Annual Symposium was hosted by NSU, April 29,2023.
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The 2022 Oklahoma PV Institute Annual Symposium was hosted by OU, April 30,2022.
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The 2020 Oklahoma PV Institute Annual Symposium took place virtually over zoom, (January 15,2021).
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The 2019 Oklahoma PV Institute Annual Symposium was hosted by Helmerich Research Center in the OSU-Tulsa campus (April 5-6).


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Upcoming and Recent Events

  • OKPVRI research @ the Joint Fall 2021 Meeting of the Texas Sections of APS, AAPT, and SPS!
    Friday, October 22, 2021:
    M02.00005: Lead-free All-perovskite Tandem Solar Cell by Duha & Borunda
  • Jan. 25, 2021, RF100 Solar Energy Forum - Distributed Generation
  • Jan. 15, 2021, OKPVRI Symposium
  • Dec. 03, 2020, OU Colloquium: Nancy Haegel - National Renewable Energy Laboratory Multi-Terawatt-Scale Photovoltaics: Trajectories and Challenges
  • Nov. 06, 2020, OSU CMP Seminar: Makhsud Saidaminov - University of Victoria Perovskite solar cells: why they perform well and degrade fast?

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    The Oklahoma Photovoltaic Research Institute is currently not supported by state or federal funding. However, several members of the institute are supported by NASA, NSF, DOE, OCAST, and our Institutions in pursuing solar energy research.

    More publications by OKPVRI can be found here: Publications.